Vegetable Tempura Vegetables deep-fried with tempura batter 5.50
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura Three pieces of Jumbo shrimp and vegetables deep-fried with tempura batter 7.95
Gyoza Deep-fried chicken dumplings 4.50
Kani Karaage Large soft shell crab deep-fried w/special sauce 10.95
Agedashi Fried Tofu 4.25
Cold Tofu Chilled tofu w/ginger and bonito flakes 3.50
Edamame Japanese soy beans 4.25
Shumai Deep-fried crabmeat dumplings 4.75
Calamari Squid lightly battered then deep-fried, served with Japanese mayonnaise sauce 6.95
Beef on stick 5.95
Yakitori Three skewers of white meat chicken w/scallions 6.50
Ika Yaki Select squid grilled with Teriyaki sauce 6.50
Ebi Yaki Two skewers four large shrimp with scallion 6.50
Li Tako Grilled tiny octopus 4.75
Kinoko Yaki Grilled five kinds of mushroom 4.95
Chicken Tempura lightly battered chicken 7.95
Broccoli Yaki Grilled broccoli 3.75
Zaru Soba Cold buckwheat noodle w/ chef's special sauce 5.95
Vegetable Spring Roll 3.95
Crabmeat Cheese Dumplings 4.50
Tuna Tataki Rare tuna w/ponzu & ginger sauce 5.95
Sunomono Sashimi sliced cucumber w/ sweet vinegar sauce 6.95
Tako Su Octopus w/ vinegar sauce 5.95
Tiger Eye Salmon and squid artfully arranged w/ special sauce 6.95
Tamago Sandwich Tamago, Smoked Salmon, Eel 6.95
Ika Massago Ae (Raw) Squid with massago & quail egg 6.95
Miso 2.25
Kinoko Miso Five kinds of mushroom in miso soup 3.25
Osuimono Tofu w/a variety of seafood in a clear broth 4.25
Kinoko & Crabmeat Kinoko mushroom & lump crabmeat in a creamy broth 4.50
Salmon & Sweet Corn Chowder Fresh salmon in creamy corn broth 4.50
Seaweed 4.95
House 3.75
Sashimi Chef's choice of raw fish on garden green served w/ponzu dressing 9.95
Seafood Grilled shrimp, scallop and squid over greens served w/ponzu ginger dressing 9.95
Spicy Conch Salad 5.50
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